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Adoptions or Changes in Parentage

If you would like information on how to add or change a parent's name on a birth certificate or how to obtain a new birth certificate after an adoption, please select from the items below:

Type of Request

Declaration of Parentage

For unmarried parents, a birth certificate DOES NOT establish legal parentage. A birth certificate can be used to establish the identity of the person named on it—but for children of unmarried parents, it is not the document that legally establishes parentage.

It's easy to establish legal parentage without going to court—and it's free. Both parents must agree to bring valid government issued ID and appear in person to sign the Voluntary Declaration of Parentage (VDOP) form. Call 925-313-1125 to schedule an appointment and see if you are eligible..

For information regarding VDOP, please contact the Child Support Services website.