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Contra Costa Health Services has a long history of working with the community to stem the tide of community or street violence. CCHS developed its first violence prevention plan in 1994, outlining 25 recommendations that were approved by County voters but not funded. In 1999, CCHS' Community Wellness and Prevention Program (CW&PP) received funds and worked with a countywide Violence Prevention Coalition to revise the 1994 plan. Both plans recommended a broad prevention approach to eliminate the risk factors for violence and reinforce protective factors. The 1994 plan focused on community issues such as firearm control, media influences, alcohol and other drugs/illicit drug trade, incarceration vs. prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and efforts to counter community deterioration and loss of services and supports. The 2001 plan added strategies to address intimate partner, child and elder abuse and hate crimes.

While the 2001 plan was not formally implemented, a number of efforts to prevent violence through risk factor reduction and resiliency building were carried out within CCHS and with other partners. These efforts include a domestic violence prevention initiative, community violence education, neighborhood-level organizing against street violence, safe street campaigns, and several initiatives focused on youth leadership, mentoring and alternative programs and activities.

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