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Current Efforts

In 2006, the Public Health Outreach, Education and Collaboration (PHOEC) program conducted some research into the current public health approach to addressing street violence. The subsequent report facilitated internal CCHS discussions about how the health department can be an effective partner in preventing street violence. A cross-divisional work group developed a conceptual model for prevention of street violence; documented key CCHS programs most involved in preventing the problem, and developed ten recommendations for CCHS action. PHOEC staff interviewed nearly 30 community leaders in West County and incorporated their input into these recommendations.

The recommendations were presented to key CCHS Senior Staff, under the leadership of Dr. Wendel Brunner, Public Health Director, and Dr. William Walker, CCCHS Director. In April 2007, a cross-divisional team of managers from Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, Clinic Services and Public Health began meeting to determine how to carry out the recommendations, with a focus initially in West County.

Read more about PHOEC at its website.

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