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Media Advisory

Pittsburg Residents Advised to Close Doors and Windows Due to Potential Chlorine Leak

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) is warning residents of a potential chlorine gas leak near the K2 Pure Solutions Plant in Pittsburg.

As a precaution, CCHS advises residents close to the property to keep their windows and doors closed and consider leaving the area, if they have pre-existing respiratory conditions.


Anyone living within one mile south of 901 Loveridge Road in Pittsburg, particularly people with respiratory sensitivity.


The risk of a gas leak is expected to diminish within 12 hours.


All residents who live within a mile south of 901 Loveridge Road in Pittsburg, the Dow Chemical Co. site, where K2 Pure Solutions is a tenant.


A chlorine tank that belongs to K2 Pure Solution has a potential to leak gas. K2 and Dow Chemical staff are working to resolve the problem. However, over the next few hours, it is possible that the tank could leak.

Chorine gas can affect the lungs. In high concentrations it can cause severe injury. Contra Costa Health Services is closely monitoring the situation.

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