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Media Advisory

Oil Release Cleanup for Northern Martinez Residents

For release November 10, 2005


Contra Costa Health Services is recommending that residents of northern Martinez wash certain outdoor items before using them as a result of the November 8 oil spray release at the Shell Martinez Refinery.


Residents are recommended to wash outdoor play equipment or patio furniture before they or their children use it, as well as washing homegrown produce before eating it.


The recommendation is for residents of Martinez living north of Highway 4, as the oil spray did not travel far from the refinery, which is at 3485 Pacheco Blvd.


"Although there were no apparent health impacts from the release, it could be unhealthy for children using play equipment or anyone consuming homegrown produce, particularly the peels, before they are washed," said Dr. William Walker, Director of Contra Costa Health Services. "If there is trace oil on the equipment, it could potentially be a irritant to the skin or if ingested."


To get more information on the release, a summary is available online at or by calling or 925-646-2286.

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