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Press Release

Health Fair Launches Nutrition and Exercise Program

May 19, 2003

Parents and their children will get a preview next week of a new and exciting program for kids that emphasizes nutrition and exercise for healthier lifestyles and weight control.

Family Festival is set for Friday, May 30 from 3 p.m.- 5 p.m. at Heights Elementary School, 163 West Boulevard in Pittsburg. The free health fair will include cooking demonstrations, fun physical activity, free food, a dialogue on loosing weight safely and an introduction to the NEW Kids program, which is sponsoring the event. The NEW Kids program (Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness) is a partnership of Contra Costa Health Services, the Los Medanos Community Health Care District, the Mt. Diablo Region YMCA, and the Pittsburg Unified School District (Heights and Stoneman Elementary Schools and After School Program). Students and their families, elected officials and others are invited.

"Contra Costa County's childhood obesity rate is higher than the state average, and in this area of the county, it is especially high. This health fair will provide families with a demonstration of how NEW Kids can help, and how parents and children can join us," said Luz Gomez-Pardini, Coordinator of the NEW Kids Program.

According to Gomez-Pardini, obesity, if left unchecked during childhood, can lead to serious health complication in adulthood. The NEW Kids program offers two strategies to help. Health experts at the Pittsburg Health Center work with families and children for eight weeks, providing weight management help. The YMCA will conduct after-school activities at Heights and Stoneman Elementary that will include physical activities and nutrition education for students and parents.

"Obesity is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and with NEW Kids we want to give families the option of a healthier lifestyle. We plan to make the challenge of loosing weight a fun and exciting voyage with plenty of support," Gomez-Pardini added.

The after-school program will begin at both schools in September. Between now and the beginning of school, the YMCA will invite families to join organized outings.

More information is available by contacting Luz Gomez-Pardini at 925-313-6217. Information about obesity is available online at

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  • Luz Gomez-Pardini
  • 925-313-6217