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IPM Certification Programs for Pest Control Companies

Have you wanted to hire a "green" pest control company, but were confused about who was really "green"? In recent years several IPM certification programs for structural IPM (in other words, for managing pests found in and around structures, such as ants, yellowjackets, cockroaches, rats and mice) have been developed to help consumers make more informed decisions.

Below are links to the 3 programs that exist in the U.S. Each has a list of certified practitioners.

  • EcoWise Certified was the first structural IPM certification program in the country. It was developed in the Bay Area and is an independent 3rd party certification program, which means it is not connected to any industry trade groups.
  • Green Shield Certified is administered from Madison, WI and is also an independent 3rd party certification program.
  • GreenPro Certified is an industry certification program administered by the National Pest Management Association.