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Health Education

Finding a Balance (4:18) | Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | YouTube

Welcome to our health education site. Contra Costa Health Plan is committed to improving the health of our members and their families by providing resources that meet their needs. We have added new health education topics, videos, interactive tools, and links to community resources.

If you would like printed material, phone assistance, or are interested in additional information, please contact Elisa Hernandez, Senior Health Education Specialist, at 925-313-6019 or by email at

Health Topics

Health Education Appointments

Health education appointments are available on any health topic of concern. If you are seen in the County Health Centers, please see this page for how to make an appointment. If you are seen in the Community Provider Network, you can get education in your doctor's office or clinic. If you have difficulty getting educational services, please contact the Senior Health Education Specialist listed above.


  • CDC-TV
    CDC–TV is an online video resource available through CDC-TV videos cover a variety of health, safety and preparedness topics as part of CDC's goal of achieving true improvements in people's lives by accelerating health impact and reducing health disparities.
  • MyPlate
    Videos topics include: Start Simple with MyPlate, healthy eating and videos featuring real families.
  • NCCIH Videos
    National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (
  • Healthy Roads Media Video Collection
    Healthy Roads Media offers health education videos in a number of languages and a variety to help provide meaningful access to basic health information.